How can I get more pages?

Updated on
August 18, 2022

There are currently (11th August 2022) several options for getting more pages! 

a) Refer a friend

When a friend you invite signs up and uploads documents, you both get 250 pages and 25 OCR credits! Win-win :) 

To invite them get your personal referral link:

  1. Click the "Refer a friend" button in the header of the Dashboard
  2. Copy the link
  3. Share with your friends

As soon as they sign up and upload documents you will be notified in the app. As well as get the extra pages.

b) Describe your Research

Learning more about your research is super interesting for us and helps us improve Lateral for you.

Simply send us your answers via chat or email describing:

  1. What you are working on
  2. How you found Lateral
  3. How Lateral is helping you
  4. Where you currently find papers

In return we will credit 250 pages and 25 OCR (one-time) to your account!

c) Post on Twitter or LinkedIn

If you want to help spread the word about Lateral, you can post about Lateral on Twitter or LinkedIn.

To get 500 pages and 50 OCR credits (one-time) simply:

  1. Post what you like about lateral with a link to
  2. Send us the link to the post in the chat or via email
  3. We give you the extra pages for your first post!

d) Subscribe to Premium or Pro

Get the most from Lateral and boost your research by subscribing. View plans

To grab a 20% academic discount just fill out the form in the upgrade section of the app.

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