Building tools for those solving the world's biggest problems.

Navigating information & scaling knowledge in new ways.

We founded Lateral in 2013 with a mission to empower people to quickly find the information they need. The world and technology is moving faster than ever before and yet reviewing and navigating information across documents is still a struggle. As is capturing expertise in a way that enables smart workflows to build on prior work and knowledge.

Lateral is the modern AI software for anyone who needs to rapidly navigate information across documents. For anyone that wants to supercharge their research with an AI assistant for finding information and with a simple UI for organising information.

We are machine learning experts, have built our technology from the ground up, are obsessed with creating simple UX and delightful solutions to complex problems. We are an international team based in Berlin and Hobart.

Leadership Team

The best part of my job is the amazing team, who are a pleasure to work with on interesting technical challenges in an environment where we are constantly learning and innovating.
CTO & Co-founder
I have no trouble getting up every morning. I feel fortunate to work with extremely talented colleagues on truly challenging applications of machine learning that will fundamentally improve the work lives of many.
CSO & Co-founder
The most exciting part of my job is creating complex systems with cutting-edge technologies and the impact of improving workflows in our customers' companies in the process.
VP Engineering
Everyday is inspiring, getting to work with a mix of incredible people, with such a range of expertise and backgrounds, to weave together complex and powerful ideas into an intuitive product.
CEO & Co-founder
The world is facing some of its biggest challenges. We need better solutions that best support, accelerate and motivate those finding answers.
CCO + Co-founder

and our extended family

Europe's seed fund. We invest early in world-class founders attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology.
I was born into a family with an ardent passion for business, and have remained a joyful, lifelong entrepreneur. I can’t imagine a more rewarding career. And the journey continues.

Our Values



Once across the ocean

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