Supercharge your Document Analysis

Lateral helps you and your team analyse more documents, faster, and with more consistency.

Powerful ML features

Features that deliver value from day one and learn over time

Lateral is built to immediately help you and your team when you need to review documents, while making things even easier over time by learning what you are looking for and remembering what you did before.

Super Search (Ctrl +F)

Super search over all your documents at once.

Dynamic Tables

Rapidly create and export dynamic tables.

Smart Templates

Templates for automating and assisting future projects.

AI Assisted Review

Rapidly have Lateral zoom in on what you are looking for.


Tailor to your use case

Lateral can be set up and used to augment different document analysis tasks. Whether you need to find change-of-control clauses in a volume of contracts, or the methodology sections in a collection of reports. Set up your own templates and get inspired by some of the workflows for which Lateral can be used.

  • Due Diligence

  • Research

  • Regulation & Compliance

  • Insurance Contracts

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Your language

Works with content in multiple languages

Lateral's cutting-edge machine learning algorithms can be trained in any language. This means that you can analyse your documents and Lateral can provide you with suggested content, in your language. Let us know what language you are interested in.

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Get started

Book a free demo now and find out how Lateral can supercharge your document review workflows.

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