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Complete hours of reading in minutes.
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Join thousands of researchers, PhDs & students
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Overwhelmed by the amount of papers you need to read?
Less unread papers in your download folder 
Find text faster with Lateral suggestions
Keep track of all your findings in one place
We know how you feel.
So we built Lateral for you.

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How it works
Fast. Organised. Connected.
Your optimised research workflow.

1. Add papers

Upload documents to your project or search for millions of research papers.

  • Upload PDFs
  • Search 30m+ papers

2. Create concepts

Add themes you want to find across your papers. Concepts can be words or paragraphs.

  • Re-usable smart labels
  • Lateral suggests text

3. Find content fast

Lateral AI suggests text for each concept and each search result, when you search in all papers.

  • Search across all papers
  • Add your own notes

4. Finish your review

All your findings and notes are nicely organised in your table to export for writing.

  • Don't lose findings
  • Export to eg. Word, Excel
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No credit card required. Upgrade when you want to.
Mushtaq Bilal, PhD ·
Lateral is an AI-powered app for academics that will completely change the way you read and take notes.

Here's how to use it:
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Powerful yet simple.
The focus is on simplicity and familiarity. So you have time for the important things.
Find Fast
Upload your documents or find papers. Then search within all your documents at once. Find a great result? Lateral shows you more like it.
Keep all findings in one place. No more losing references. Have everything ready when you write & export to your favourite tools.
Draw Connections
Quickly jump to relevant parts of your document with Lateral suggestions. Find connections you may have missed and get inspired.
Need to do a literature review?
Or go through lots of documents?
Stay organised
All your papers and findings organised. Different views to suit your needs. No more copy & pasting.
Review faster
Lateral is simple to use and will feel familiar from the start. So you have time for the important things.
Be supported
Lateral is like your personal research assistant. Find new connections you may have missed.
Let's build the future of research together!
Connect with @uselateral
Amber Brittain-Hale
@uselateral is a necessary tool for academics! It has changed my research and along with@RsrchRabbit @zotero and the new @bing I am good to go for all new opportunities.
Rae-Anne Cohen
PhD, King’s College London
Lateral presents a visual table which not only allows me to quickly identify themes but also relevant quotes and phrases (with references!) that could have easily been overlooked without.

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Mauro F. Arcidiacono
PhD, Uni of Strathclyde
Lateral helps me by keeping my files organized in one place where I can create concepts that are transversal to several articles. By filtering per concept I can easily contrast models, materials, assumptions and more.

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Mathilde K. Skaaning
M.A., Humboldt Uni Berlin
I am especially fond of Lateral’s document viewer as it allows me to highlight text and organise the snippets into the different concepts that I have created. Lateral even suggests other relevant snippets which makes it a lot easier to find connections or contrasts within the literature.

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Dr. Chee Ken Nee
Senior Lecturer, UPSI
The Lateral app solves all the hassle with documents and saves me time. It helps to settle my literature review 5 to 10 times faster than before.
Hannah Kaur Soomal
PhD, University of Dundee
Lateral is great for helping me organise my work and sharing progress with my supervisor! Lateral’s ‘suggested snippets’ also quickly let me find relevant text I may have missed.

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6.Complete hours of reading in minutes! Then check out @uselateral

7.For Bibliography manager @paperpile

8.Beautiful and easy data visualization and storytelling @f_l_o_u_r_i_s_h1643

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Steve Tunksz
This artificial intelligence programme is intuitive and quick to do tasks...My paperwork was processed more quickly, sorting out the information pertinent to my needs. I use it daily because it helps me with academic and professional writing, and it has fundamentally altered how I go about my job. It is comparable to a knowledgeable human. I highly recommend it.
Farnziska Kabelitz
I can recommend Lateral to anyone working with lots of documents at the same time. It really saves time and hassle, and is very easy to navigate.

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Literature review is always a challenge for me. Glad I came across Lateral. A fantastic tool for managing the literatures I must read for my research. I can now organize the concepts I need for my paper in one place. Concept is brilliant! No need to open many tabs. Thanks Lateral!
Jane Wotherspoon
PhD, Uni Queensland
I think partly why I’ve still preferred printing articles still has been so I could have them all there before me, physically highlighted, and not trying to remember which tab is which article. But I think Lateral is even better than that for having everything visible and easily accessible.
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