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Easily set up sharable projects.

Create projects for your research to organise findings and easily collaborate with colleagues.


Search within all documents.

No more going through documents one by one. Find relevant information within all your papers in one search.

Lateral AI finds text for you!

Lateral AI shows you similar text to search results and finds text for you based on what you label.


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Wow, super easy!
Wonderful! Everything gathered. I will share this with my colleague later. For now I will export my findings.
Perfect, let's return to the table view.
Let me make a note to look at this again later.
Perfect, let's save that!
Very interesting perspective, I had not thought about this. I actually like this paragraph too so let me highlight that.
Perfect I can read and search through all my documents. Let's see what Lateral has suggested to me here.
Now let's take a look at the whole document.
Nice find Lateral - only based on the other two snippets I saved! Let's save this one.
Perfect, I can see my findings nicely laid out. Let's see what Lateral finds for the same concept for Document 3.
Let's return to the table overview.
Oh nice! Lateral shows me thematically related content. Great find, I would not have found that. Let's save that.
I'll create a new concept label.
Great, I'll save that!
This looks interesting! Let's take a closer look.
First let's search across all documents.
I've uploaded my documents. Now let's rapidly find what we are looking for!

I currently have to search through documents one at a time which is frustratingly slow

When I find a good search result I wish I could say “show me more like this”

I need a structured overview of key information I gather from documents without copy and pasting

I need to easily comment on and share findings with those I work with

Who is Lateral for?

Lateral is for anyone who regularly needs to review documents and wants an AI assistant to find content for them.

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Clean and clear!

"I think partly why I’ve still preferred printing articles still has been so I could have them all there before me, physically highlighted, and not trying to remember which tab is which article. But I think Lateral is even better than that for having everything visible and easily accessible."

Jane Wotherspoon
PhD Candidate, The University of Queensland


“I can recommend Lateral to anyone working with lots of documents at the same time. It really saves time and hassle, and is very easy to navigate. I am writing my university essays but I think it will be helpful for many different fields, for example law or academic research in general. I am looking forward to writing my dissertation with Lateral's support.”

Franziska Kabelitz
MA Candidate, SOAS University of London

Speeds up review

"As lawyers, clients demand responsiveness. Lateral speeds up document review so that we can answer important client questions, and advise them on what they need to do in a timely and accurate manner."

Horace Wu
Lawyer, MD of Syntheia Pty Ltd

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Get new perspectives with Lateral AI.

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