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Quickly find what you need across all your documents.

No more opening documents one by one, Lateral lets you search within all your documents at once. Find a great result? Lateral AI shows you more like it.
Read faster

Get new perspectives.

Lateral AI helps you find relevant text you may otherwise have missed. Letting you navigate information contextually and find connections between content.
Peace of mind

Easily organise and share your findings.

No more sending outdated notes around. Lateral helps you structure your review and makes it easy to keep colleagues or supervisors in the loop.

Clean and clear

"I think partly why I’ve still preferred printing articles still has been so I could have them all there before me, physically highlighted, and not trying to remember which tab is which article. But I think Lateral is even better than that for having everything visible and easily accessible."

Jane Wotherspoon
PhD, The University of Queensland

5-10x faster

"The Lateral app solves all the hassle with documents and saves me time. It helps to settle my literature review 5 to 10 times faster than before."

Dr. Chee Ken Nee
Senior Lecturer, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris

Stay organised

“Lateral is great for helping me organise my work and sharing progress with my supervisor! Lateral’s ‘suggested snippets’ also quickly let me find relevant text I may have missed."

Hannah Kaur Soomal
PhD, University of Dundee


“I can recommend Lateral to anyone working with lots of documents at the same time. It really saves time and hassle, and is very easy to navigate."

Franziska Kabelitz

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Finally a home for your entire review.

Everything in one place. No more scattered documents, highlights and notes.
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Wow, super easy!
Wonderful! Everything gathered. I will share this with my colleague later. For now I will export my findings.
Perfect, let's return to the table view.
Let me make a note to look at this again later.
Perfect, let's save that!
Very interesting perspective, I had not thought about this. I actually like this paragraph too so let me highlight that.
Perfect I can read and search through all my documents. Let's see what Lateral has suggested to me here.
Now let's take a look at the whole document.
Nice find Lateral - only based on the other two snippets I saved! Let's save this one.
Perfect, I can see my findings nicely laid out. Let's see what Lateral finds for the same concept for Document 3.
Let's return to the table overview.
Oh nice! Lateral shows me thematically related content. Great find, I would not have found that. Let's save that.
I'll create a new concept label.
Great, I'll save that!
This looks interesting! Let's take a closer look.
First let's search across all documents.
I've uploaded my documents. Now let's rapidly find what we are looking for!


Have questions? Do not worry - we are here to help! Contact us if you have any other questions.

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Is it easy to get started?

Short answer: Yes, sign-up only takes a couple of minutes. We are often told that Lateral is very intuitive and easy to use!

Long answer: It is super easy and fast to get started. If you have any open questions before signing up you can book a demo for a short 15min intro or watch a quick 3min intro video here. Once you've signed up you can contact us at anytime using the in-app chat.

Do I need to pay to use Lateral?

Short answer: You can get started for free. You setup payment once you run out of pages.

Long answer: When you sign up you get a one-off amount of free pages + OCR credits to use. When you run our of pages you can upgrade to one of our pricing plans and can also get more pages by referring friends.

Do I need to download Lateral?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Lateral is completely usable through your browser. Therefore you do not need to download and install any extra software. Currently Lateral works on desktop computers. A mobile version may be available in the future.

Is Lateral a reference manager?

Short answer: No, but it can compliment reference managers.

Long answer: Reference managers (like Mendeley or Zotero) let you keep track of your papers and easily insert references into your text as you are writing. Lateral helps you read papers efficiently and to discover and keep track of key findings easily. It helps you capture your entire research process to reference later and share with colleagues or supervisors. You can copy and edit references directly in Lateral and export to keep your reference managers in sync.

How does the AI work?

Short answer: Really well ;)

Long answer: Unlike keywords where you are looking for "key words", Lateral AI helps you find text that is thematically similar to any highlighted text. It does this by matching text contextually and can help you find connections between your content that you may otherwise have not found. It provides a completely new way to navigate text.

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