What is Lateral?

Updated on
August 31, 2023

Lateral's mission is to build amazing tools for academics and researchers, and all those solving the world's biggest problems.

The Lateral App helps you read papers faster, find and keep track of highlights and makes research / literature reviews fun!

In a nutshell:

  1. Single space for all your papers
  2. Search within all papers at once
  3. Set concepts for what to find
  4. AI thats helps you find text
  5. Easily export and share findings

It solves the issue of being overwhelmed by having too much to read and saves you from overwhelming, complex, manual workflows.

The underlying machine learning technology that we've built, helps find content fast. Like a personal research assistant.

The Plan

To see what we have planned for the near future, check out the Roadmap.

We are also actively participating in DeSci (Decentralised Science) and excited by the opportunities for researchers offered by decentralisation and web3. Join the journey on Twitter.

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