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2. Add Documents

Updated on
November 7, 2022

Once you have created a project, you can easily add your Documents. You have a few options as outlines below.

a) Upload Document

  1. Click the big "Add documents" button or the small one in the header
  2. Drag and drop OR click to select your PDFs
  3. Click the big blue "Upload" button
  4. Your documents will be processed for you

Note: We currently support PDFs as this is the most common paper format. We may add further file formats in the future.

b) Find Papers (Beta)

This is a new feature which allows you to search for research papers. Currently we are using the Unpaywall - An open database of 30m+ free scholarly articles. We are looking to add further sources soon. Feel free to suggest those that would be most useful for you!

  1. Enter keywords into the search box
  2. Set filters (optional)
  3. Click the "more info" button on results to see the paper's
  4. Click the "+" for any papers you want to add to your project
  5. Papers you add will be processed and made ready for you

You can also use the following boolean operators to narrow down the search:

  • "Quoted text": search only for titles including the words in quotations
  • OR: replaces the default AND to search for either word
  • - : excludes words (NOT) from titles

Note: Sometimes PDFs can't be retrieved for some results. In this case you can potentially get the paper yourself by clicking the "more info" button.

c) Research Tool Wall

Finally here you can find some resources suggested by our community for finding research papers. Again feel free to suggest any you fell are missing!

Once you've added your documents you can search across all of them at once!

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