Give me five
December 4, 2015

Give me five

Give me five is an open source Chrome extension that allows you to recommend the content you push to Lateral based on the content of the page you're currently visiting. It's the same code base that the NewsBot Chrome extension is built upon. The screencast shows the extension in action:

give me five
Give me five Chrome extension

You can find the source code to Give me five on GitHub. You can use it to create your own extension that recommends your content. If you have a Lateral API key then trying it out is as simple as putting your key into the extension that we have pre-compiled. Or, if you want to create an extension to give away you can enter your key into the source and compile that.

We use it (through NewsBot) to find related news to articles whose topic we want to learn more about, but there are many other applications that could be tried.

  • Personal Work/Research: Push notes or documents to Lateral (for example from Dropbox, Evernote or Google Drive) and use the extension to quickly find or remind yourself of previous related work you have done.
  • Company research: Push your notes to Lateral and use the extension to quickly surface any related work you or your team has done to a topic covered in an article.
  • Journalists: Push your publication’s content to Lateral and allow your journalists and editors to quickly know whether the publication has covered the story and who has written similar stories.
  • Readers: Allow your readers to surface similar content from your specific publication.
  • Academic: Push academic papers to Lateral and use the extension to quickly find related papers to an article or abstract you are reading.

Currently it will involve some coding skills to set up, but we will be adding the ability to add content without coding soon, so watch this space.

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