Share Lateral with your Supervisor

Updated on
August 22, 2022

Working with your supervisor can be one of the most rewarding and motivating parts of a PhD. Yet, it can also be one of the most stressful experiences.

Supervisors often have little time. Without the right workflow this time goes to waste. Especially when sending outdated documents back and forth.

Lateral helps you optimise your workflow and share your work with your supervisor. Here is how.

a) Public Table

Want to share a snapshot of your work? Create a public link and send it to your supervisor. The public view lets them see your table of documents and findings. It gives them clarity of your approach and progress.

b) Invite your Supervisor

Go to Admin > Members and add your Supervisor as a member. They can setup a Lateral account and have access to your workspace. So you can collaborate.

Note: They will also be an admin. So will have same permission as you. So make sure you trust your supervisor :)

Finally, supervisors and departments often have budgets for software. Ask your supervisor if they can pay for your Lateral license. More information can be found here.

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