The fastest way to find related news articles
June 12, 2015

The fastest way to find related news articles

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NewsBot is a Chrome Extension. It is one of our interfaces to demonstrate how our Lateral API can be used to personalise content. It is currently in Beta and we appreciate your feedback.

We are extremely excited to introduce you to NewsBot - the fastest way for you to find related articles and follow stories that interest you!

Nowadays, a lot of great content is being created. At the same time however, finding that content is a time consuming endeavour. Drowned out by the noise we are overwhelmed by the amount of information that is available. Even when we find good articles, finding more like them is a challenge.

We wanted to create a tailored experience that puts related articles from great sources a keypress away.



NewsBot is a Google Chrome Extensionand super easy to install. Once installed there are three great ways to find related content:

"Give me 5"
- Instantly get five articles related to any article or website.

- Get related articles sent straight to your email inbox as soon as they are published.

- Get related articles for any text you highligh in the browser.


So whether you quickly want more articles to read on a topic or whether you want to be the first to know when new, related content is published, NewsBot has you covered.


NewsBot related articles for: Japan is building huge solar power plants that float on water - Quartz


NewsBot related articles for:


Our team curates a list of high quality news and blog streams from which NewsBot can recommend you content. The way it works is that NewsBot monitors these streams and uses machine learning to provide article recommendations. These are both relevant and also offer a breadth of perspectives. Instead of just keywords and tags, the machine learning algorithm understands full text content. It therefore looks at the entire text of each article to decide which content is similar.

We add new content daily and already serve well over 900,000+ articles. Nonetheless, we may not yet have content for all topics. You can find a list of sources here and please let us know about great sources we should add.

We hope you enjoy NewsBot and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Connect with us on Twitter @getnewsbot and @uselateral

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