Easily build fast ML text-recommendations into your apps and services.
Fully documented API. Deploy with Docker and Kubernetes.

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Battle tested

Billions of recommendations served

LIP has been used to serve millions of recommendations every month. It has been deployed in highly regulated and scalable environments. It is battle tested and ready for action.
Use Case

Content Recommendations

Easily show contextually similar content suggestions. For example for:
- Expanding search results
- Similar news articles
- Academic paper suggestions
Use Case

Content Personalisation

Learn from what people save or highlight and show relevant content. For example for:
- Highlights when reading text
- New content published notifications
- Personalised content feed


Complete hours of reading in minutes.
- Expanded search
- Personalised content


Similar new articles at the click of a button.
- Similar news content
- New content alerts


LIP is ready to go out of the box, as it is pre-trained. Need to include specific company language? No problem LIP can also be re-trained.

Fully Documented

LIP has been used to serve millions of recommendations every month, as well as successfully deployed in highly regulated environments.


Default language is English but LIP can be custom trained in nearly every language. It has been trained in German, Indonesian and Japanese


LIP works well in conjunction with for example Elastic Search. Offering a solution that is tailored to your current needs and adaptable to future requirements.

Docker & Kubernetes

LIP is packaged up and simple to be deployed in your cloud environment.
Optimised for self-serve with the option of expert support where needed.

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