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How can I export my findings? (Word, Excel, Notion, Zotero and more!)

Updated on
January 4, 2023

Whether you like working in Word, Excel or Notion, Lateral makes it easy to export your work.

In a project:

  1. Click the Export button
  2. Choose your export format

Export to Word

Exporting to Word is a great way for having all your findings ready when you are writing.

The Export is currently organised by Concept and for each text snippet you can see:

  • The text
  • The citation
  • Your notes

At the bottom you also get the full bibliography.

Note: Before you export make sure all your documents have the correct reference data. Lateral extracts as much as it can and you can edit it by clicking a document name in the Table View.

Export to Excel

Exporting to Excel is a great way to backup your work.

The Export is currently also organised my concept as it makes it easiest to show all the information clearly.

Export to CSV

If you want to add your findings to for example Notion, this is a great option.

For an example of this see this great video by Science Grad School Coach

Export to Reference Manager

Once you have checked all your document's meta data (click on a document name in the Table View to see its meta) you can export all your references to your preferred reference manager.

Simply select Export to BibTex (.bib) and import this into your reference manager of choice.

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