Can I pay monthly? Yes.

Updated on
September 4, 2023
To pay monthly, use the toggle at the top of the upgrade screen.

You can pay monthly or yearly. We have a Premium Tier and a Pro Tier. These differ in terms of the amount of pages you receive. Pro also comes with priority support.

To upgrade, click the "Get Pages" button in the bottom left of the Dashboard (see above). Then click "Upgrade". You can use the toggle at the top to switch to monthly payments.

When you pay monthly you get new pages every month. For example in the current Premium Tier you get 1,800 pages each month.

When you pay yearly you get all your pages for the year at once. So for example in the current Premium Tier you get 21,600 pages each year.

To upgrade between tiers you can reach out to us through the help menu at any time.

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