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Table View

Concept Colours

Easily group and differentiate between concepts by adding a colour to each one.

We have received a lot of feedback around grouping concepts and different highlight colours.

This is the first step into providing a solution. You will be able to apply one of 6 colours to every concept.

In progress
Table View

Notes Column

One of the most requested features, allowing you to add notes to every document.

We are exploring various implementations of a simple way to add notes to documents.

Either by adding a notes column to the table view and/or by allowing adding notes directly to concepts, even if a snippet has not been saved.

We will confirm this on feedback calls with some of you, to find the best solution.

In progress
Super Search

Create and search content pools

Search within and source from all your projects at once in the Super Search.

An amazing new way to make use of all the content you have collected over time.

Instead of downloading and never reading papers. Why not add them to Lateral and source from this knowledge pool in new projects.

Search with keywords through all the documents in your workspace. Then apply a concept to a search results to add it and the corresponding document to your project!

This will also allow adding documents to different projects. A highly requested feature.

Up next
Document View

Permanent highlighting

See which parts of the document have already been highlighted. In different colours.

Building on the new concept colours, the plan is for highlights to show permanently on the document view.

This helps see what has already been highlighted. The colours help differentiate between concept groups.

Super Search

Search highlights and notes

The quickest way to find what you already saved and wrote. In the Super Search.

With simple saved snippets and saved notes, you will be able to filter to search only within your findings. Further expanding on the Super Search capabilities.

We may be able to additional filters such as flags or per concept. Stay tuned!


Choose referencing style

Choose from thousands of different referencing styles, to match your preferred format.

Currently Lateral has a default style for references and citations. With this update you will be able to set and see you preferred referencing style.

Supported are all the major referencing styles as well as many more. For easy preview, editing, copying and exporting of references.

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