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Wow, super easy!
Wonderful! Everything gathered. I will share this with my colleague later. For now I will export my findings.
Perfect, let's return to the table view.
Let me make a note to look at this again later.
Perfect, let's save that!
Very interesting perspective, I had not thought about this. I actually like this paragraph too so let me highlight that.
Perfect I can read and search through all my documents. Let's see what Lateral has suggested to me here.
Now let's take a look at the whole document.
Nice find Lateral - only based on the other two snippets I saved! Let's save this one.
Perfect, I can see my findings nicely laid out. Let's see what Lateral finds for the same concept for Document 3.
Let's return to the table overview.
Oh nice! Lateral shows me thematically related content. Great find, I would not have found that. Let's save that.
I'll create a new concept label.
Great, I'll save that!
This looks interesting! Let's take a closer look.
First let's search across all documents.
I've uploaded my documents. Now let's rapidly find what we are looking for!
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