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“I can recommend Lateral to anyone working with lots of documents at the same time. It really saves time and hassle, and is very easy to navigate.”

Franziska Kabelitz
MA Candidate, SOAS University of London

Automatically organise your literature review

Lateral automatically creates a reference table of all your findings, making comparisons and sharing quick and intuitive.

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Super search for highlights

Evaluate sources and get results fast with one search across all your content.

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Say hello to your new AI research assistant!

Lateral suggests content from within the documents you add, so you can evaluate and draw connections with ease.

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Sharable Projects

Organise all your research in easy to setup projects and keep all your highlights at hand.

Dynamic Table

All your highlights are automatically organised for you in a clean, intuitive table.

Doc Viewer

Switch between all your documents in one tab and capture all highlights in one place.

AI Assistant

Lateral's machine learning engine allows it to find highlights for you, so you can review fast.

Easy Export

Export all your highlights to familiar formats like Word and Excel.

Clean and clear!

"I think partly why I’ve still preferred printing articles has been so I could have them all there before me, physically highlighted. But I think Lateral is even better than that for having everything visible and easily accessible."

Jane Wotherspoon
PhD Candidate, The University of Queensland

How it works

Easily set up sharable projects.

Create projects for your research to organise findings and easily collaborate with colleagues.


Search within all documents.

No more going through documents one by one. Find relevant information within all your papers in one search.

Lateral AI finds text for you!

Lateral AI shows you similar text to search results and finds text for you based on what you label.


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