Lateral Thinking

Solving a problem by using your creativity to find new ways of looking at it.

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We are proud of our team and culture. Join our international, driven and highly technical team in Berlin! We are passionate about machine learning, UX and strive to create the best experience for our customers. We want to create a space where everyone feels comfortable, respected and where a diversity of cultures, minds, opinions and ideas come together. Our mission is to capture the expertise of any organisation and make it actionable for every individual in that organisation.

Work-Life Balance

- 30 vacation days
- Flexible working hours
- Home office arrangements

Learning + Development
- Personal yearly learning budget
- In-house Coaching, Mentoring and Team Buddy programs


- Urban Sports Club membership
- Team events and Celebrations
- Flexible work from home setup

How we work

We feel the most productive organisations give people and teams as much autonomy and responsibility as possible. Our organisation is agile and constantly improving its structure, to be able to adapt quickly when it needs to. Based on our interpretation of Holacracy we organise ourselves in circles, across which people can have different roles. The idea is that instead of a hierarchy where all decisions are passed down from management, circles organise themselves and everyone’s voice is heard. Our circles ensure the best possible problem solving structure and set direction for us to achieve our company goals and milestones.

Our Values


Finding the Perfect Fit

Find out more about our interview process

1. Lateral Intro With Talent Specialist
2. Technical InterviewWith Team Members
3. Cultural Fit InterviewWith a Founder
1. Lateral Intro

Friendly 45 min talk about your previous experience, your skillset and why you feel Lateral team would be a good match for you. No trick questions or brain teasers, we promise! How to prepare: Check our website, blog and LinkedIn.

2. Technical Interview

A chance to talk about the stuff you know best for 45 minutes while meeting your possible new team mates! How to prepare? We’ll ask you to prepare an exercise or a presentation well in advance for the interview.

3. Cultural Fit Interview

You have a timeframe of 45 min to ask as many questions as you like about life at Lateral! How to prepare? We’ll send you additional materials about our product and organisation in advance for the interview.

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